nurturing human beans

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Hi there! we are two mummies that have been following a similar life journey this past decade with five kids between us. We have, like every other parent been trying to carve out a path to navigate with our children this complex world. Simply put although we believe in learning through play and letting our kids get bored ;) we also believe that there is a place for activity based learning to bring into our children's consciousness their spiritual reality and help cultivate the expression of their innate virtues into daily life. 

The idea for nurturing human beans came to us when we were trying to figure out what activities we could do with our own children especially during this time of isolation to connect them and their actions with spiritual principles that bring meaning to the circumstance we find ourselves in. We have created activity books that help them intentionally practice universal spiritual principals, such as love, creativity, generosity, hope, patience and detachment.

The resources we share are intended to encourage connection for our children, not only to themselves, but their households and their entire communities. We hope that along with creating such materials we are also able to create a space for an online community so we can develop ways to assist each other through this thing called parenthood.

Much love, 

Anisa and Dina